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Will you become a life changing investor?

Will you become a life changing investor?

We are asking high net worth individuals to invest circa £100,000 to purchase a two bedroomed apartment then to loan that property to the charity for a period of 5 years.

Whilst they will not receive any rent during this period, the property will be maintained and they will gain the benefit of any capital gain over the period.

If you are interested in becoming a life changing investor, please contact us at to receive an investor pack.

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Loan a Home

Become a Life Changing Investor

The founder has committed to purchasing the first two apartments, one is completed and second is currently in legals.

We are looking to manage up to 10 properties at any one time and no more, we hope in the future others may look to copy this model and set up similar sized operations elsewhere in the Country.

We are looking for individuals who are willing to invest in a two-bedroom property and loan it free of charge to the charity ideally for a period of five years. This will potentially allow us to change 4 lives permanently maybe more.

There are two ways you can do this.

Buy a home and give it on free loan to the charity

We will find a suitable property for the investor to buy. 

This will be given on free loan to the charity, for ideally a period of five years.

We will return the property to the investor after five years free of tenants and in at least as good condition.

The investor will not receive any rent but they will get the capital gain without the hassle of managing the property.

We understand an individual's circumstances may change and we will include a clause which will allow earlier release of the property should this happen.

Through a loan to the charity

We will be applying to the pre-approval through the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme (SITR) if this scheme is extended.

We will be asking for interest free loans of circa £100,000 which we will use to buy a home.

The lender would be entitled to a £30,000 reduction to their tax bill immediatley.

If the loan is from a capital gain, the Capital Gains Tax payment can also be deferred.

The loan will be repaid after a period of five years.

In this instance, the investor will not own the property and the loan cannot be secured against it. However, there is effectively a 30% tax free gain on the investment.

In this way you get to provide a home to really help turn people's lives around who have been victims of human trafficking or modern slavery. 

Any rent taken from the residents will be effectively given back to them in the form of grants to help secure a permanent solution as they move on.

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