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Together we can make a difference and change lives forever

We provide safe, clean, and comfortable homes to survivors of human trafficking, ensuring they benefit from long-term security as we help them re-establish themselves within society.
Our residents are provided with day-to-day support, as we help them gain access to physical and mental healthcare, secure benefits and find employment.
Once a resident feels emotionally independent and can sustain themselves financially, we will help them move onto a permanent solution. This will vary between individuals, we anticipate it will take between 12-30 months, and this will be entirely resident driven.
Young Confident Woman

These are long-term projects

not quick fixes.


We intend to keep it small and do it well.

Working to establish up to 10 safe houses to support up to 20 residents at any one time.

Our intention is to establish a working model, which can be replicated elsewhere in the UK to help survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery regain their freedom.

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